I’ve been wanting to make a list about this for a couple weeks and why not now? Here I sit, 4 in the afternoon on my third glass of gin and juice (They keep gettin’ stronger and stronger) on a day off. I’m making this list because frankly, I’m sick and tired of going to bars and having to play all the best drinking music, seriously people, I came to a bar to have a good time, not listen to blistering heavy metal (Especially not Korn, Slipknot, or Mudvayne as they are repeat offenders) and I also don’t want to hear any Rap (Here’s looking at you Eminem, who never wrote a song about drinking in his life!) I want to rock, I’ll allow a few other mellow tracks, but mostly a great drinking song is determined by how proud the band is that they have a problem, and with that I give you, The Top 25 Songs About Drinking!

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