Jesus strolled into Jerusalem and he was like… “What’s up my babies?”.  The gang tries to talk about their dreams, but that falls apart as Jon spins tales of the origins of McDonald’s character “The Grimace”.  Bibles have pages that are too thin, and girls with Tongue studs like to go downtown, and I am not talking about the civic center.  Lance and Jon both decide that if they were super attractive, they would become evil and take over the world. And may Uncle O’Grimacy keep your mugs full of Shamrock shakes.

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Lance and Jon reminisce about their McDonald’s work experiences.  Lance makes sure that those hand towels are safe and secure.  Jon needs to memorize his sandwiches.  Lance entails his crazy run in with the world’s lamest biker party where someone has their whammy bar tugged.  The gang discusses terrible job experiences, and Jon gives the greatest tip for job interviews… lie.  If allowed time travel, Jon would go back to the 60s, and live Don Draper’s life, Adam wouldn’t go back in time.  The past is so mainstream.. Adam is a hipster.  Lance would go back to a time where he could use food and small trinkets for sexual favors.  The guys talk about freaky dreams and sexy co-workers.  Adam is constantly shot in his dreams.  Send us your dreams at or leave us a comment below. Continue reading