Top 10 AC/DC Deep Cuts


There are a lot of things that are great about AC/DC, but I’d like to single one out right now. I’ve noticed they are universally frowned upon by music snobs, and if you think about it, that may be one of the greatest things about them. They are the band that beats the music critics. It’s easy, somebody says AC/DC is repetitive and generic (Untrue, but bear with me) and then I ask, “Who’s your favorite band?” They answer. Doesn’t really matter what the answer is because “Back in Black” probably sold ten times as much as their entire catalogue combined. There you have it. End of discussion. The snobs lose.

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My Personal Top 25 Drinking Songs

I’ve been wanting to make a list about this for a couple weeks and why not now? Here I sit, 4 in the afternoon on my third glass of gin and juice (They keep gettin’ stronger and stronger) on a day off. I’m making this list because frankly, I’m sick and tired of going to bars and having to play all the best drinking music, seriously people, I came to a bar to have a good time, not listen to blistering heavy metal (Especially not Korn, Slipknot, or Mudvayne as they are repeat offenders) and I also don’t want to hear any Rap (Here’s looking at you Eminem, who never wrote a song about drinking in his life!) I want to rock, I’ll allow a few other mellow tracks, but mostly a great drinking song is determined by how proud the band is that they have a problem, and with that I give you, The Top 25 Songs About Drinking!

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