In an effort to make their games more extreme, many publishers have decided to add a male character yelling on the cover of their games. This simple decision increases the extreme quotient of your game by over 67%.  Additionally,  the person buying the game might be thinking that they are being yelled at by the cover.  This will invoke memories of other times they have been yelled at. Most of the time those memories will reignite deep seeded family issues and make the viewer uncomfortable.  To fix this situation, the viewer will often purchase the game to stop the yelling.  If the user has a clean family past, this yelling will just bring up more questions.  What is the person on the cover yelling about?  Are they angry that someone is trying to steal their soul with a photographic device?  Did they just get punched in a sensitive area right before the photo?  We have little hope for ever answering these questions, but I suspect the plot of “The Mystery of the Druids” ties in with this all somehow.

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