Voyage of the Damned


Here is a short play I wrote for the 2009 summer blitz at the bartell theatre in Madison, WI.  The theme was “Malcom McDowell movies”, and we picked play titles out of a hat.  I got “Voyage of the Damned” as my pick, as well as 2 male and 2 female characters.  We were also supposed to have one character that would be portrayed by a “Mad Rolling Doll” roller derby skater.  Try to guess what role she got below… it isn’t difficult.  The whole experience was awesome, and they put on a great production.  Read it below, in its entirety.

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What is that Blue thing Doing Here?

Hey, as part of a monthly writing assignment, I am going to be doing what I do best, and that is writing scenes.  These excercises can be found here, feel free to join in!  Here is the first one I have cooked up for May.  It is based off of a song title from the “They Might be Giants” album Apollo 18.  You can read the scene after the break.  Let me know what you think.

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