May 202011

Hello all and welcome again to internet masterpiece theatre.  This week we join our host Gerard Pilkington for a look into the wonderful world of the quartertothree forums.  User ZekeDMS decides that the Tomfoolery of a certain Jon Rowe is enough, and lets his voice be heard!  This dramatic reading was performed by Jonathan Thames Rowe, no relation to the user in question. Continue reading »

Dec 222010

After a long hiatus, and just in time for the holidays, we return to another edition of Internet Masterpiece Theatre. Gather round the fire with your loved ones, and listen to the tale of lust, betrayal and addiction in the world of Sonic the Hedgehog. Listen to this harrowing tale, after the break
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Jun 142010

In this week’s episode we take a look at the reactions to the microsoft press event in the NeoGAF forums. Inanity and unintentional hilarity results. The podcast and links can be found after the break. Expect more E3 coverage as the week continues. Continue reading »

Mar 042010

Greetings, I am Gerard Pilkington, your host.  This week, we take a break from Youtube comments to visit the website “Avatar Forums”.  2 of my most favorite and well known actors will join us for this dramatic reading of Avatar love poetry.

Enjoy. (Audio after the jump)

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Dec 082009

IMPTJoin our host Gerard Pilkington in the celebration that is the free forum of the internet. First, we look at the comments for the youtube video . After a quick break, we delve into the first 5 of the 20 best craigslists ads (according to the Telegraph UK)

I hope you enjoy. -GP