5 Great Comic Runs (In No Particular Order)

When I start reading a new series or an ongoing series with a new creative team, the hope is for me that I am embarking on the beginning of something great. That at some point I will be pulled in and unable to quit until the end. For me, these series did that.

Green Arrow by Mike Grell (Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters 1-3, Green Arrow 1-80, Green Arrow: The Wonder Years 1-4, and Shado: Song of the Dragon 1-4)

When Green Arrow goes to Japan, shit hits the fan.

When Green Arrow goes to Japan, the shit hits the fan.

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Top Ten Wolverine Stories: Part II


“NNNGGGRRR…RRAAAAA!!!!” Welcome back to the Top Ten Woverine Stories of All Time! When we last left you, Wolverine had to face Deadpool, a dystopian future, the Hulk, Nazis, and what he’s the “best there is” at backfiring on him in a big, terrible way. So what could be better (or worse) than that? You’re about to find out…SNIKT!! Continue reading

Top Ten Wolverine Stories Part I


“So what the hell am I looking at here? A whole lot of killin’ that needs to be done, that’s what the hell I’m looking at.”

Wolverine. Logan. The ‘Ol Canucklehead. When it comes to comic book characters there are few that have sustained the popularity he has. He made his debut over ten years after the X-Men, and remains the most popular. Always with a code of honor and a score to settle, it’s hard not to like the guy. He’s been wronged many times, but doesn’t make a habit of whining. So here’s my tribute to the one named Wolverine.

Cigar: Check. Cowboy Hat: Check. Snikt: Let’s do this.

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My Personal Top 25 Drinking Songs

I’ve been wanting to make a list about this for a couple weeks and why not now? Here I sit, 4 in the afternoon on my third glass of gin and juice (They keep gettin’ stronger and stronger) on a day off. I’m making this list because frankly, I’m sick and tired of going to bars and having to play all the best drinking music, seriously people, I came to a bar to have a good time, not listen to blistering heavy metal (Especially not Korn, Slipknot, or Mudvayne as they are repeat offenders) and I also don’t want to hear any Rap (Here’s looking at you Eminem, who never wrote a song about drinking in his life!) I want to rock, I’ll allow a few other mellow tracks, but mostly a great drinking song is determined by how proud the band is that they have a problem, and with that I give you, The Top 25 Songs About Drinking!

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