Jul 082012
wolverine cowboy

7 – Prisoner Number Zero (Wolverine Vol. 3, 32) Written By Mark Millar, Art By Kaare Andrews

“I know we can’t kill you. But you can still feel pain. You still bleed like the rest of us. And this gift of yours…This ability to recover from any wound…Well, it’s not such a blessing when you’re tied to a chair.”

The year is 1942 and Major Bauman has been left in charge of a concentration camp. He’s eager to get things back in order after the unfortunate demise of his predecessor. Everything seems fine enough for him, but there is a familiar man in the camp. A man who can’t be killed. I don’t want to spoil anything…so I won’t.

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  3 Responses to “Top Ten Wolverine Stories Part I”

  1. I do love me some Steve McNiven. But the whole Hulk family kind of makes sense. The only 2 people in the Marvel U who are Hulks (at the time this was written, I’m looking at you Red Hulk) were Bruce Banner and his cousin Jennifer the She-Hulk.

    Why they shack up and have a family that looks like they came from the backwoods of West Virginia I have no idea…

  2. Love the Ultimate Wolverine v. Hulk choice. Some awesome stuff there.

  3. Get ready for part 2 in a couple days, it’s done baby! Also, next time I write and article, it’ll be done in one posting…

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