Jul 082012
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8 – Wolverine’s Revenge (Wolverine Vol. 4, 10 – 14) Written By Jason Aaron, Art By Renato Guedes

“I will raze this place to the ground if I have to…and kill every last damn one of you.”

Wolverine has returned from the bowels of Hell, and has just fought and endangered his friends in the X-men while they attempted to save his mind. Now he’s back, and you know someone’s gonna pay. Though the previous arc wasn’t anything special, the final page of issue 8 left you with all you needed to get excited. It’s a picture of “The Beserker”, a manifestation in Logan’s mind of that feral animal that doesn’t think, it simply kills. The Beserker is a grim, and haunting version of Logan with barbed wire coiled around his arm. The Beserker Points at a message he’s left written in blood: Revenge. If that image doesn’t give you goosebumps I don’t know what will. Wolverine’s out for blood, and his revenge does not disappoint.

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  3 Responses to “Top Ten Wolverine Stories Part I”

  1. I do love me some Steve McNiven. But the whole Hulk family kind of makes sense. The only 2 people in the Marvel U who are Hulks (at the time this was written, I’m looking at you Red Hulk) were Bruce Banner and his cousin Jennifer the She-Hulk.

    Why they shack up and have a family that looks like they came from the backwoods of West Virginia I have no idea…

  2. Love the Ultimate Wolverine v. Hulk choice. Some awesome stuff there.

  3. Get ready for part 2 in a couple days, it’s done baby! Also, next time I write and article, it’ll be done in one posting…

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