Jul 082012
wolverine cowboy

9 – Old Man Logan (Wolverine Vol. 2, 66 – 72) Written By Mark Millar, Art By Steve McNiven

“I already told you…I ain’t that guy no more.”

Who’s up for a road trip in a post-apocalyptic wastland that used to be America with Wolverine and Hawkeye? Yeah, me too. The world is very different in this future tale, and so is Logan. He won’t kill anymore, and is reduced to a grumpy old man who clearly blames himself for how things turned out. It’s a fun ride, and is more than proud to wear “Unforgiven” on it’s sleeve. The only caveat is the stuff near the end with the Hulk is a little too weard…I mean, an inbred Hulk family? Is that really necessary?

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  3 Responses to “Top Ten Wolverine Stories Part I”

  1. I do love me some Steve McNiven. But the whole Hulk family kind of makes sense. The only 2 people in the Marvel U who are Hulks (at the time this was written, I’m looking at you Red Hulk) were Bruce Banner and his cousin Jennifer the She-Hulk.

    Why they shack up and have a family that looks like they came from the backwoods of West Virginia I have no idea…

  2. Love the Ultimate Wolverine v. Hulk choice. Some awesome stuff there.

  3. Get ready for part 2 in a couple days, it’s done baby! Also, next time I write and article, it’ll be done in one posting…

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