Jul 082012
wolverine cowboy

“So what the hell am I looking at here? A whole lot of killin’ that needs to be done, that’s what the hell I’m looking at.”

Wolverine. Logan. The ‘Ol Canucklehead. When it comes to comic book characters there are few that have sustained the popularity he has. He made his debut over ten years after the X-Men, and remains the most popular. Always with a code of honor and a score to settle, it’s hard not to like the guy. He’s been wronged many times, but doesn’t make a habit of whining. So here’s my tribute to the one named Wolverine.

Cigar: Check. Cowboy Hat: Check. Snikt: Let’s do this.

10 – The Deep End (Wolverine Origins, 21 – 25) Written By Daniel Way, Art By Steve Dillon

Deadpool: “Does Anyone actually LIKE you?”

Wolverine: “Not Really. But a lot o’ folks act like they do because they know it’s better to be my friend than my enemy.”

While enjoying a quiet meal in Chinatown, Wolverine is blown up by an exploding entree! Deadpool, the only mercenary crazy enough to take a contract on Logan has arrived, and it is glorious. Throughout “The Deep End” we see Wolverine and Deadpool escalate their battle to ridiculous proportions. This story reaches that magical combination of Looney Tunes and violence that is only possible when two guys with healing factors won’t stop until the other is dead…even if that doesn’t make sense.

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  3 Responses to “Top Ten Wolverine Stories Part I”

  1. I do love me some Steve McNiven. But the whole Hulk family kind of makes sense. The only 2 people in the Marvel U who are Hulks (at the time this was written, I’m looking at you Red Hulk) were Bruce Banner and his cousin Jennifer the She-Hulk.

    Why they shack up and have a family that looks like they came from the backwoods of West Virginia I have no idea…

  2. Love the Ultimate Wolverine v. Hulk choice. Some awesome stuff there.

  3. Get ready for part 2 in a couple days, it’s done baby! Also, next time I write and article, it’ll be done in one posting…

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