Mar 232012
bruise brothers

The show Heroes had a lot of problems.  Ilsa the She-Wolf of the SS is actually pretty lame.  Adam’s reference-ometer is way off, and Adam’s ability to prepare for podcasts is questioned.  The guys chat about the new Brian K. Vaughn comic “Saga”.  Lance tells the tale of his ill fated pet hamster.  Rather than pawning off this little urine-flinging chain mangling monster, Lance let nature take its course.  The guys discuss how to make Nascar more exciting, and a couple tips on making international flags much cooler.  Finally Jon and Lance form the brand new wrestling team “The Bruise Brothers” (Seriously, how awesome would High School Pro Wrestling be?!)

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Alternate Episode Titles

Would you Like to Play a Game?

Look at my Chiseled Ass

Oh My God, am I Shitting? It Feels Like I am Shitting!

A Bloody Claw Does Not Stop Me

We Gotta Take Out These Lions!



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