Mar 152012

The one where they knock the dust out of the attic, and explain some schemes on how to get rich.  Ideas range from War Profiteering, to Land Pirating to writing the next young adult book trilogy.  I can see them dollar signs now. Lance really has a hard time grinding his gears this week, listen after the end theme.


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Also, Jon forgot to put in the gear grinding them this time, and was too lazy to go back and re-edit things. Sorry Matt.

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  One Response to “Born in the Eighties 42: Knock the Dust out of the Attic”

  1. Jon, you asked if any reality TV stars made it big outside of reality TV. The obvious answer is The Miz. He began his journey on The Real World and continued his reality TV career on several Real World Road Rules Challenge shows. He is now a well known Professional Wrestler… Who’s persona is based off a created alter ego he made up while on reality television.

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