Born in the Eighties 152: TGIF


TGIF: Thank god it is Friday!  The boys ponder the merits of eating human flesh, video games, the WWE god that is Dean “Unstable” Ambrose, Adam previews the new TV shows of the fall of 2014, and we all get to take a look into the twisted alternate reality where Hamm and Rowe dabble in the hunting of the most dangerous game.


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Led Zeppelin Might Have 3 Good Songs, Maybe

Led Zeppelin
I feel like Barry in Resident Evil right now, “Jill, take…a look…at this!”
Speaking about the tremendous commercial success of GUNS N’ ROSES’ classic first album, “Appetite For Destruction”, which is said to be the biggest-selling debut LP of the Eighties and the biggest hard-rock game-changer since “Led Zeppelin IV”


There is so much wrong with that one sentence.  I got this off an article on which is pretty much a website dedicated to the ex-drummer from Dream Theater bitching about something, and various members of Kiss taking pot shots at each other while making assholes of themselves, but at least Ace in kind of funny.  Also, there’s two Queensryche’s.  I’m not sure why but apparently that’s really important on Blabbermouth.

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Top 10 AC/DC Deep Cuts


There are a lot of things that are great about AC/DC, but I’d like to single one out right now. I’ve noticed they are universally frowned upon by music snobs, and if you think about it, that may be one of the greatest things about them. They are the band that beats the music critics. It’s easy, somebody says AC/DC is repetitive and generic (Untrue, but bear with me) and then I ask, “Who’s your favorite band?” They answer. Doesn’t really matter what the answer is because “Back in Black” probably sold ten times as much as their entire catalogue combined. There you have it. End of discussion. The snobs lose.

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